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Ski Shishapangma 2013

Shishapangma is the 14th highest mountain in the world (8027m), located in the northern himalayas, in Tibet.
We want to climb and ski in a clean style, which means we won't have any support on the mountain above Advance Base Camp (5,600m), we won't be using fixed rope and we won't be using oxygen. Time will tell if we can pull it off but, it should be a real adventure trying.

Communication with the outside world will be via our Yellow Brick. This device will give our location on a map and we'll be able to send short updates. Keep coming back and looking at the Yellow Brick section to find out where we are and how we're doing.

Check back soon to see how we are getting on. Not long now before we leave on the 27th August 2013.


Sponsors – Thank-you

Yellow Brick

Watch our every step from this link:
See where we are?


Rich was 50 this year and has been climbing since he was a kid. After a few years of climbing in the high mountains in his 20s, Rich harboured a desire to climb and 8000m peak.
However, with work and family being a priority he put it to one side. Over the past few years, the desire has come back and the plan to climb and ski down Shishapangma has grown. Rich is a Director of The Climbing Academy.